Our workshop, based in Odessa, is equipped with professional equipment for machining, grinding, polishing, etc.

These are the major kinds of works can be carried out:
- Honing of cylinder liners
- Grinding of valves and seats
- Restoration of piston grooves geometry
- Welding of cylinder covers
- Repair of hydraulic cylinders (including restoration of stock geometry)
- Rewinding of el.motors and alternators upto 2,000 kW (including correction of shaft geometry, bushing of bearing seats, etc.)
- Hot deep galvanizing of steel constructions

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By concerted actions of UMA and our partners, even the new components can be fabricated by means of:
- Forging & rolling
- Sand casting (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals), weight upto 3 tones
- Shell mould casting
- Molding of rubber rings