Company's Quality Policy


The improvement of the service of the Agency directly depends on the degree of satisfaction of shipowners and seafarers with the services of recruitment and manning of vessels. «MARITIME AGENCY «UKRAINA» launches a Policy as regards quality in its main kinds of activities - selection and manning of sea-going vessels, and sets the following priority tasks of the Agency:
  • Permanent striving to ensure realistic and growing requirements of the Clients, precluding possible non-conformities and claims at all stages of crew selection and manning.
  • Provision of guarantees of conformance of its services as regards appointments, safety, legality and quality.
  • Providing the seafarers with access to effective and well-regulated system of recruitment and employment free of charge in the absence of mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment;
  • Prevention of accidents and preservation of human health and life by selecting personnel of appropriate qualifications, and prevention and counteracting any types of seafarer's exploitation (physical and financial);
  • Prompt response to changes in market situation as regards selection of crew for sea-going vessels;
  • Qualified, profitable management of Company's activities.
To accomplish the assigned tasks, the management of «MARITIME AGENCY «UKRAINA» sets the following goals:
  • to support and develop the Quality Management System (QMS) so that it complies with the ISO 9001 and Regulation 1.4 of Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and other conventions, codes, instructions and standards recommended by appropriate international organizations (IMO, ILO, etc.), STCW-95 Convention, Governments of the flags of the Company's vessels, classification societies and Ukrainian legislation, etc.;
  • to use process-oriented management to add value to services so as to satisfy the needs of personnel, interests of the founders and requirements of the Agency;
  • to implement and improve the ways and methods to assess and monitor provision of crewing services to Clients using the obtained data for improving the quality of service;
  • to coordinate main and auxiliary processes that impact the final quality of service taking guidance of the principle of system approach;
  • to focus on mutually beneficial cooperation with the suppliers.
This Policy as regards quality is obligatory for each employee and at all levels of Agency 's management.