Having the contractual relations with biggest Ukrainian & Baltic Ship-Yards,
nowadays we are capable to arrange docking repairs of vessels up to 160.000 DWT

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Acting as General Contractor, we undertake
full responsibility for quality and terms of repair.

We guarantee rapid & efficient performance
and on-time re-delivery of the vessel.

The following facilities are at your disposal:

- Dry-dock
- Dry-dock
- Building Slip #1
- Building Slip #2
- Floating Dock #1
- Floating Dock #2

290 X 36
364 X 60
400 X 32
400 X 32
225 X 36
225 X 36

plus several smaller docks and slips.

pic 2 For the last several years we have successfully performed over dozen docking repairs of different vessels, supervised by DNV, LR, BV, RMRS, RINA

Full support is rendered to Customer's Representatives:
in solving of difficult technical matters, negotiations with Class, obtaining of necessary permissions, etc.
We also assist in negotiations with local authorities (port control, ecologists and others)

None of our Customers have ever faced any serious difficulties.

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Warranty of 6 MONTHS is granted as usually.

Being flexible and experienced in daily work with the Clients from East and West,
and being anxious for further success in our business,
we do believe we can meet your expectations.